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11.27:哲学与好奇”午餐会第十期:Intuitive Skill


时间: 11月27日(周三) 中午12:10-13:30  (12点就可以来吃饭了)
主题:  Intuitive Skill

地点: 哲学系B114

主讲人: Sebastian Sunday Greve
主要内容: I shall present the outlines of a philosophical account of the nature, and epistemic value, of intuitive skill. I argue that intuitive skill must be understood as a broad category typically including, besides what is often called ‘intuitive expertise’ (that is, a high level of ability at getting things right, and not wrong, intuitively), an element that might be called ‘sceptical skill’ (that is, a high level of ability at detecting instances of getting things wrong intuitively so as to avoid forming incorrect intuitive judgements). I will discuss a range of interesting puzzles and illusions, and I will offer a brief review of relevant work in psychology (including sport and performance psychology). I will conclude by explaining, on the basis of my account, the importance of philosophy for high-level performance and innovation in sport and science—and two ways of becoming a great philosopher.



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